The Personal Injury Lawyer will Help You Cope with Insurance Adjusters

by feedster on September 2, 2017

In most instances, injury lawyers have clients who visit them five to six months after they are actually injured. Many of these people are honest folks who simply try to manage everything themselves and simply know that they need to be careful when presenting the case to the insurance company. But this isn’t always the case and anybody would find it better to work with a personal injury lawyer.

You should know that the insurance company, in addition to their adjusters, operates with the insurance plan organization. They are looking out for their bottom line and not for your bottom line. So anytime you are with the insurance policy adjuster, keep in mind that it won’t be easy to get settlement. It can be easy to say that you’re okay and that things are alright right after the accident and there are a lot of cases wherein the insurance adjuster will use that statement against you.

You may think that things are initially okay but you may discover once you visit the physician that you have a slip disc, neck injury, or even back damage which may be discovered days, weeks, or months after the accident took place. So keep in mind that you may think you are alright when actually you are not. But then, you may have given your word to the insurance adjuster weeks or months before the accident and you will no longer be able to get back what you said once it has been recorded.

As unhappy as it may seem, the insurance adjuster is merely guarding his company. It’s business for them. You may be able to assert that you are injured but the insurance adjuster may strike back and state that you said otherwise. But if the insurance adjuster is not in your side, the personal injury lawyer would be. So right after you get into any sort of accident, contact a personal injury attorney quickly before saying anything to an insurance adjuster.

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