Realistic Strategies On The Key Reason Why The Size Of A Grape Should Have Nothing To Do With Compensation Claims

by feedster on June 15, 2017

Every so often we see some much-publicised stories within the populist media about compensation claims and pay-outs in the legal system to folks who’ve been involved with some type of accident or injury, usually at the job. The tabloid media is very accomplished at sensationalising virtually any story, as all things considered this is exactly what sells them newspapers and enables them to generate earnings from advertisements. Banner headlines practically never tell a complete story, yet they generally possess a perceived shock value.

“£300,000 awarded to a teacher who slipped on a grape,” shrieked one heading recently. The heading was supported by a larger-than-life photograph of the grape, so that the various readers concentrated on the triviality of the grape itself, thereby wondering about the legality of the claim. The storyline went into additional detail underneath however, providing us material to help authenticate the claim. All things considered, the teacher was injured to such a degree that she was not able to work for a long period of time. The faculty itself was found responsible because of a failure to clean floors and provide a safe working environment.

The final thought is that when somebody is injured within an incident that was caused by the negligence of some other, just who should suffer? In a decent society it’s not reasonable that the injured person remains to foot the bill and our overall structure relies on the fact that there must be outcomes when standards aren’t met, particularly when this concerns basic safety.

Now, injury claims may not generally provide tabloid fodder and might not necessarily involve anything as small as the grape, yet we ought to be comforted by the truth that our legal systems are in the position to champion the cause of the underdog, regardless of just how many in the media business would trivialise their cases.

The bottom line is not to take precisely what you read in a newspaper heading at face value and always understand that there’s far more to this story than might meet the eye.

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