Pitcher Plant Species: The Oddities of the Jungle

by feedster on May 23, 2017

Let's imagine you were walking in the rainforest and saw a pitcher plant for the very first time. Exactly how would you explain this peculiar and funny-shaped plant to a relative?

Does it look like a blossom vase, a wide-mouthed mug or a sipping jug?

The very early explorers had to tell the folks back in the home country of their brand-new revelations. They knew monkeys stayed in the forest therefore they opted to call pitcher plants monkey cups.

Do you believe monkeys truly make use of these plants to sip the liquid inside?

Often the tales of very early traders, pirates and other people who check out the world are not true. And sometimes there might be merely a bit of honest truth.

Old tales are informed and duplicated to clarify brand-new and amazing revelations to others. The idea of monkey mug is an excellent beginning factor for us to learn more about these exciting wild plants.

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