Just how long Personal Injury Cases are Processed with a Personal Injury Lawyer San Antonio

by feedster on October 15, 2017

There are questions that have been addressed to auto injury attorneys over the years and they are extremely important inside a lawsuit which includes a auto accident attorney San Antonio. The initial question is- why is it that cases take so long to work out?

The reply is that if a person has been injured, the attorney cannot settle an instance until a prognosis is provided. What is a prognosis? That’s the prediction for the future course of a physical injury provided by the medical professionals. No matter what the damage case turn out to be- a damaged leg, busted arm, broken wrists, and other serious orthopedic injuries, it generally takes at least a year 6 months before the specialist will be in a situation where he can indicate exactly what the future course will be.

For this reason, you can’t negotiate an instance a year 6 months following the accident. You must wait longer. But generally, in the hands of great attorneys; they were able to settle cases within 2 to two ½ years. Good attorneys can perform this with a committed team who will focus on your case promptly. They’ll file a lawsuit six months earlier following the occasion. If you contact a great attorney as soon as the accident happened, it is possible to start case within 6 months.

What would take place following the lawsuit would be the submitting of the declaration of claim, and after that there will be the declaration of defense, exams for discovery, and within two years from the accident that mediation will take place? With efficiency, effort, and dedication, and a synergy with your attorney, it is possible to move your case to a conclusion.

However, some cases do take longer and it still depends upon situations involved. If your injury is very significant, just like a brain injury, it might sometimes take four and five years to settle. The litigation procedure is lengthy. But a punctual coordination with a good personal injury attorney San Antonio will take your case to the next level.

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