Brilliant Thoughts On How Child Compensation Claims Are Increasing In Ireland

by feedster on July 17, 2017

Recent reports show that youngsters in Eire aged between three and seven have the most accidents that result in compensation claims against those who are perceived to be at fault in the matter. This might be no surprise since kids as of this age are known to be at their most adventurous, but does highlight the reality that Eire is becoming a more litigious society by the year.

Children between 3 and 7 actually accounted for 25% of all injury claims with respect to children in 2010, whilst the age bracket of 7 to ten year olds was following in line, with 21.7% of the total. Younger kids though – those aged from 0 to 3 years of age – comprised just 7.5% of the quantity, probably due to the fact that they are usually monitored by an adult constantly.

Actually, in terms of the overall amount that youngsters acquired in compensation funds in 2010, the particular amount totalled €8.5 million – the biggest sum ever in the nation’s history. These kinds of pay outs ranged from a significant €173,000 all the way down to €500, with naturally the more serious cases garnering the most money.

This recent pattern might be due to the fact that parents can now claim without the need for big amounts of money and with no chance of facing substantial bills after an unsuccessful claim. It’s because no win no fee solicitors have grown to be prevalent through the entire country of late, following on from their appearance throughout a great many other Western countries.

These types of solicitors provide their client the option to go after a legal case without the need for payment, as they get their fees from the other side should the court case achieve success. In the event the case fails, then the solicitors will charge no fee for their service – which means no risk at all for their clients.

Many people see this as a worrying indictment of contemporary society, but some other people say that this really is only making the legal system one that’s fairer to those with no monetary power to go after what’s rightfully due to them.

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