African Shea Butter – How To Get It Authentic, Raw And 100% Pure

by feedster on September 14, 2017

Many individuals have heard of shea butter, however they do not really know much about it, other than the reality that it appears in lots of skin and body care products. Nevertheless, there are a variety of aspects of shea butter that people do need to know in order to make sure that they are purchasing the best form of it. When it comes to skin care, informing yourself on exactly what you're placing on your skin is essential; otherwise you could do even more harm than good, as explained in the following video:

The term "African Shea Butter" is completely true, as all shea butter originates from Africa. It is produced from the nuts of the African shea tree. There are several different means to take the fatty acids discovered in the nuts and turn them into butter, however the best involves no chemicals whatsoever. By caring for the trees, harvesting the nuts and processing them naturally, you receive 100 % raw African Shea butter that can be certified organic. This form of shea butter is the best that you can buy.

While you see shea butter on the list of ingredients for things like facial creams, lip balms and whole body moisturizers, the truth is that these products often contain chemicals to alter the composition of the shea butter. These chemicals can be dangerous, and detract from the antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and anti-aging properties that are normally found in shea butter.

The raw, unrefined African shea butter offered by Key West Health and Beauty comes directly from the source– Africa. It is produced by a women's co-op in Ghana, where the shea nuts are organically grown, gathered and processed to form their USDA certified organic shea butter, one of the very few sellers that have achieved that level of quality. This also ensures fair wages to the African women that produce it.

The money that the women in the co-op make from their shea butter goes back to their community and is used to support their families. By purchasing your shea butter from Key West Health and Beauty, you are not just doing something great for your body, but you're doing something great for your soul.

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