Accutane Lawsuits Resulting from Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome

by feedster on August 16, 2017

There have been recent, multiple reports about the anti-acne medication Accutane, formerly produced by Hoffman-La Roche. Hundreds of Accutane lawsuits have just recently been filed by patients suffering from harmful side effects associated with this drug. While Hoffman-La Roche initially attempted to minimize the risk of some of the side effects from taking Accutane, it has become apparently clear that there is a direct correlation between intake of this drug and the development of Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome. IBS is inclusive of several conditions causing possible inflammation and ulceration within the intestinal tract. The most common of these conditions, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, are the two that have directly resulted in the filing of Accutane lawsuits.

As more victims step forward claiming IBS related symptoms from Accutane use, the direct correlation between this condition and intake of this drug becomes more evident. The American Journal of Gastroenterology published a recent study in April of 2010 corroborating this causal relationship. This study showed that patients who have taken isoretinoin, the active drug in Accutane, for prolonged amounts of time, are four times more likely to develop severe forms of IBS such as ulcerative colitis.

Last February, there were reports that an Alabama man, who underwent surgical colonectomy due to severe IBS from Accutane use, was given a substantial award by jury in New Jersey. Although he had won a $2.6 million case in 2007, the case was overturned on appeal then retried. Ultimately, he made a better case the second time around and was awarded $25.16 million by the jury.

The public is safeguarded from companies who market and distribute dangerous produce by consumer protection laws that also hold these companies liable and seek proper compensation for any harm that may have been inflicted by these products. If victims are able to successfully have their cases heard, they may be properly compensated for any accumulated medical expenses and lost wages due to lost work. The jury may also decide to give a monetary amount to the physical distress the patient has experienced, compensating for the pain and suffering due to Accutane and its adverse side effects.

The increasing number of cases has classified Accutane as a potentially dangerous drug due to its correlation with the development of IBS. Patients with a history of taking Accutane and have developed IBS or IBS related symptoms have the right to seek damages through an Accutane lawsuit. Should you wish to learn more about the ongoing litigation, you may visit the Accutane lawsuit settlement website.

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